Walk This Way

Walk This Way needed a new brand and identity with a sunny disposition.

We crafted a logo and identity with custom iconography featuring multiple destinations on their Atlanta walking tours. We also designed and developed their new site.


Secondary Design

Tertiary Design

Westfield Bank


Design Exploration One

Design Exploration Two

G7 Consulting

G7 Consulting needed a creative partner they could rely on for ongoing support.


We were happy to dive in to the relationship starting with a brand realignment including new marks, color palettes and presentation templates.

Site Redesign

We launched a new responsive site design, recently completing phase adding search functionality and integrating with their hubspot marketing efforts.

Marketing Collateral

Collateral including downloadable white papers were designed as part of an ongoing marketing campaign.


Digital Yalo needed to demonstrate the visual potential of a site redesign for a key client.

We delivered a three concepts/redesigns of the current Jabil homepage as part of a redesign discussion. Three designs were delivered in order to aid in that conversation.

Design One

Design Two

Design Three

XB Pro Stats

XBowling needed a process with a focus on simplicity.

We provided a sign-up process for XB Pro Stats that keep things clear and concise without sacrificing answers to common questions and details about the service.