Pegasus needed a brand that was all about the waves.

Born from a simple desire to share the world’s most beautiful surfing locations, Pegasus Lodges & Resorts needed a clear identity that reflected the quality of experience they provided.

brand logo pegasus
brand logo mark explorations pegasus
pegasus brand logo final
brand icons pegasus
brand advertisement pegasus
pegasus brand palette


All About Movement

More than anything else, Pegasus wanted to capture a feeling of movement within their mark. We created multiple designs varying from the literal to the abstract all with the idea of momentum in mind.

Room to Grow

A key factor in the selection process was choosing a logo mark that would lend itself well to the possible expansion of the company into the Snowboarding Market. Options were created to show how an umbrella identity might work including a general mark, surfing mark and snowboarding mark. Because resorts for snowboarding would have overlap with skiing as well, the marks were focused on location (mountain/water) rather than any particular sport.

Extending the Brand

Pegasus needed a quick turnaround on advertising for a dual print/digital publication within the surfing market. We helped to extend the current brand with a design focusing on simplicity in execution allowing for beautiful black and white photography to take center stage. Photography was provided by Bob Weeks.