BWB needed a flexible brand that could adapt.

A consistent design language was created to build brand familiarity while offering the versatility necessary for reaching such varied audiences.


Brand Strategy, Implementation & Expansion

Better World Books is a new kind of business, one with a mission to promote literacy. BWB’s primary audience includes several different stakeholders including the libraries, booksellers and college students they partner with to collect books, the everyday consumers wanting to make a difference with their purchase, and the non-profit literacy organisations they support to create social change. All of these groups needed to be kept in mind as we created a design language.

The Shape of a Book


A Focus on Color


Repeating Imagery


To create a cohesive look but allow for flexibility we repeated the general shape of both a bookmark/ribbon as well as the shape of an open book. These shapes were abstract enough to work across all materials and allowed for varied implementation from the hand drawn to the very mechanical.

Prior to branding work, Better World Books palette included many different colors. In order to allow for more cohesion among designs that varied, we focused on the bright green color and a few supporting players. While other colors are used from time to time, you will always find BWB green.

Imagery is repeated when possible to help varying pieces have a common visual reference. While main photographs will vary piece to piece, background textures and colors are maintained across communications.


Library Communications

Better World Books partners with libraries across the country to provide a socially responsible outlet for used books. This booklet was created to give potential library partners an overview of the discards and donations program and outline the benefits of working with Better World Books.


Campus Communications

Better World Books works with Campus Sustainability Co-Ordinators and Administration to help green schools across the nation. They work to get Book Drop Boxes in place for unwanted books, school book drives going for student-run initiatives and with bookstores on campus to get the most out of books no longer being sold.