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Experimenting with a Podcast

I am officially investigatingĀ the potential for a podcast with the very talented David Papa of Love and Profit.

Getting our feet wet

We both want to do it and are pretty excited about it but are going to be figuring it out as we go along. If the first attempts turn out extra terrible they might not see the light of day. But if they are just at a normal level of terribleness they will most likely be out there for consumption.

I’ve always struggled a bit with the idea of networking, self promotion or anything that seems to ask for attention (personal issue) so when David originally brought up the idea, my gut said no. Emphatically. But thinking on it more, I do think David and I have a unique experience to share that is of value – both running our own business in creative fields while living abroad. Terrifying and a bit exciting at the same time, this will definitely be a learn as you go situation (maybe start listening at like episode 15).